Another Harrowing Window Fall

In April of 2020, my son fell 15 feet from our second-story window in privatized military housing. I later discovered, after my neighbor's son fell from their window a month later, that Lincoln Military Housing (and all PPV housing) was to be abiding by Evan's Law-a law enacted into the NDAA, since 2017, that ensures homes should be fitted and/or retrofitted with window fall prevention devices to promote safety. After a year of lengthy data collection, we discovered that across the nation these prevention devices were not installed in most homes. In some cases, housing companies were even refusing to install them or charging residents for them. I knew that this would be my mission with AFHA-I would fight tooth and nail to ensure Evan's Law was not only implemented, but also the language would close the loopholes MHPI companies use to avoid installing window fall prevention devices.

Our military children deserve to be safe. Thanks to Senator Hirono, we are moving another step closer to ending the deaths and life-long injuries faced by children in military housing without proper window fall prevention. Additionally, we have worked tirelessly as an organization in supporting families gain access to the best prevention device for children ages 5 and under-window guards. But our work is not done-this week a 5-year-old child tragically fell from a MHPI property in San Diego managed by Lincoln Military Housing. This is the fourth documented fall in a San Diego property by LMH that has occurred in just one year's time. And what's more, the home was verified to have not been fitted with any type of window fall prevention device prior to the accident. More must be done, and along with AFHA, I will continue our fight to ensure window guards are installed, in accordance with the spirit and verbiage of Evan's Law, for families that want them. Readiness starts with a safe home.

If you live in LMH properties in San Diego, you may request window guards to be installed in your home, free of charge, via a maintenance request. If you are having trouble accessing this device, please reach out to kate@mhadvocates.org for help.
For more information on child window safety, click here.

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