Fort Hood Families File Lawsuit in Federal Court

This lawsuit, filed on behalf of military families at Fort Hood, is a step towards accountability that is lacking within the Military Housing Privatization Initiative. While the Military Housing Advocates' Network (MHAN) would prefer there be systemic change through legislative action, it has been made clear that the lack of transparency in the agreements between the privatized housing partners and the Department of Defense will continue to stall further action, like is being seen in the failed implementation of the Tenants Bill of Rights.

These companies must be investigated on a larger scale- the blatant violations of service member and tenant rights are only currently being held accountable through litigation. Our military families deserve safe and accessible homes without needing to seek legal counsel.

We support the families filing suit and wish their efforts in court will translate into a change in the living conditions for families at Fort Hood, as well as other installation housing under the control of privatized housing companies in partnership with the Department of Defense.

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