Lincoln Military Housing: Financially Stable?

Recently, a military family required less than $2,500 in reasonable modifications to their new home due to a disability. Lincoln Military Housing, a company that Reuters has estimated brings in nearly $875 million per year in revenue from military families, refused to fully cover the costs citing an undue financial burden on the project.
See the email screen shot below:

An undue financial burden would also take into account the overall financial resources of the parent corporation. Interestingly, their parent corporation Lincoln Property Company has over $82 billion in assets under management alone.
We are left with two possibilities: Lincoln Military Housing has the financial resources to accommodate this family and they are choosing not to OR Lincoln Military Housing’s portfolio is so unstable that a $2,500 cost would create such a burden that they must refuse. If the latter is accurate and the financial stability of Lincoln Military Housing’s portfolio could be unhinged by a simple request from a disabled military family for the ability to live free and safe in their home, then the DoD and Congress need to take immediate action to ensure that the life, health and safety of our military families are not being put at risk by a financially unstable housing company.

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