Will the Tenant's Bill of Rights ever arrive for us?

With the advent of the Tenant's Bill of Rights (TBOR), privatized military housing residents felt a collective sense of relief-but it did not last long. Multiple delays in implementing the rights have been faced, with tenants left to wonder if they will ever have rights in place to protect them in their homes. In an ongoing project, the advocates with MHA'N have been collecting raw data from across the United States to see what installations have implemented the available rights from TBOR, and who has not. The results thus far, which will be reported to Congress when finalized, have run the gamut from installations referring advocates to speak with JAG- making statements that they are "not allowed to disclose that information"- to few success stories of full implementation. The results speak to the greater systemic issues we all face as privatized housing residents-better dissemination of information from the top-down in these MHPI companies needs to occur, and corrupt companies need their contracts ended immediately. It all begs the question-when will residents ever be truly protected?

A Mixed race family, father is in navy uniform
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