Our Directors

Matt Golsteyn
Chief Executive Officer

Abbigail Mccracken
Chief Communications Officer | AFI 2022 Coast Guard Spouse of the Year

Sergio Rodriguez
Director of Community Outreach | AFI 2022 Navy Spouse of the Year

Lori Barr
Chief Support Specialist
Registered Nurse
Noelle Pacl
Co-Founder | Director of Disability Services
Certified Fair Housing Specialist
Ceasarae Galvan
Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI)
Certified Diversity and Inclusion Professional & Fair Housing Specialist
LeighAnn Needham
Director of IT
Salesforce Administrator
Lauren Weber
Chief Operations Officer

Molly Stubbs
Director of Research
Licensed Practical Counselor | Certified Clinical Trauma Proessional
Heather Marie Fisher
Director of Resource Education

Sarah Lenox
Senior Project Manager

Larissa Johnson
Junior Project Manager

Melinda McCurdy
Chief Financial Officer

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