Donate today
to Help Somone's Tomorrow


Why donate to AFHA?

AFHA is a full-volunteer force. This means that 100% of your donation goes directly toward supporting service members and their families through our programming!

Where will my money go?

Here are some examples of what we can do with different donation sizes.
  • $10

    Lab Tests

    Empower a resident with a $10 donation-AFHA will be able to purchase one lead testing kit to ensure the paint in their homes isn't causing physical harm to their families.
  • $70

    Window Guards

    Save a small child's life by providing a window guard to prevent falls in homes where companies refuse to install them.
  • $100

    Reasonable Accomodations

    We can make a carpeted home accessible for a wheel chair user by installing wheelchair mats; for the hearing impaired, special smoke alarms with lights can be installed.
  • $600

    3rd Party Inspections

    Help a family identify what is causing their sudden illnesses or injuries.  This donation will allow us to hire a licensed 3rd party inspector to do a thorough investigation of homes riddled with mold, pests, raw sewage leaks and other dangerous obstacles.
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