Executive Board & officers

AFHA proudly welcomes professionals from all backgrounds to serve as our Executive Board and a team of Officers. Our esteemed colleagues guide us every day on how to foster excellence within our organization.
Sergio Rodriguez
Chair | Navy Military Spouse of the Year 2022
Abbigail Mccracken
Co-Chair | Coast Guard Advisor | Coast Guard Military Spouse of the Year 2022
Melinda McCurdy
Chief Financial Officer | Treasurer | Non-Profit Management
Adam Fauer
Chief Operating Officer, Sutton Contracting
Jaclyn Cannon
Senior Program Manager, Space Strategic Classified IT Solutions, Lockheed Martin
Eric Scherer
Division Vice President, Lewis Tree Service Inc.
Erinne Wasalski
Head of Regional Site Engagement at Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.
Sarah Lenox
Secretary | Fort Bragg Advisor
Frances Paulino
Hawaii Advisor
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