Frequently Asked Questions

Do privatized military housing companies have to follow local, state, and federal law?

Yes! If you are concerned that they may not be doing so, please fill out an advocate request form for help.

Is AFHA funded by law firms?

No-we rely solely on donations of generous individuals to function. In fact, our entire team works completely on a volunteer basis and where funds are needed, the leadership team donates themselves for day to day functioning.

Is AFHA directly associated with litigation efforts?

No-we do not promote, or discourage, the use of litigation and follow a thorough process to get all residents’ issues resolved at the lowest level possible. That being said, we never abandon our families should they choose to pursue litigation and offer emotional support through what can be a very difficult and painful process.

Are you a registered nonprofit?

Armed Forces Housing Advocates is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. EIN: 86-3980270. We are also designated as an incorporated charitable organization in the great state of Pennsylvania.

Where are you located?

We are a fully remote organization, and serve military families nationwide and OCONUS.

Who do you help?

We serve all residents of military housing and individuals living in military barracks.

Why were you founded?

We saw a strong need for an unbiased organization in the United States that solely represents the best interests of our military families residing in privatized military housing. Readiness starts with a safe home.

Do housing companies or the government fund you?

No! We are completely unaffiliated with, and not funded by, any MHPI project, MHPI partner or government entity. Additionally, we do not have any contractual obligations with these entities. We are a grassroots, stand-alone organization, that serves at the pleasure, and in the sole interests, of military families only.

Do you support certain political figures?

No-the IRS has very strict rules about operations and as such, AFHA does not-and will not-donate as an organization to any political party or individual candidate. We do, however, openly support legislation that we believe benefits our military families residing in privatized military housing.
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